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Roy Martin Builds the Warrior Charity Bike

BY KENT ERDAHL, FOX, Denver, COcw2-logo

DENVER, CO — Roy Martin has been building motorcycles for 22 years and he recently took on a special charity raffle bike with a patriotic twist.

The bike is more than a tribute to that sacrifice. It’s also a donation that could help veterans in return. It will soon be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Warrior Voices, which helps veterans launch new careers as voiceover professionals.

“You get a veteran that comes back, physically they might not be able to do a job, but they can talk,” Martin, owner of Roy’s Toys Customs said. “This will help fund some training for the veterans, you know, with their voiceover work and get them back functioning in society.” “Because our veterans paid the ultimate sacrifice, this is the least I can do to pay it forward,” Martin said.


There’s a headlight that resembles a torpedo and he even found a way to repurpose some actual military ammunition boxes. The ammo boxes are built into saddle bags. The bike he is building features many nods to the military, such as an exhaust pipe that looks like a very distinctive gun barrel.

“Even though it looks like a Gatling Gun, it’s still a performance pipe,” Martin said. “These were made here locally.”

“I think about (their sacrifice) every day, every day,” he said. “I’m allowed my freedom because of the veterans.”

About Warrior Voices

Headquartered in Colorado, Warrior Voices is a unique nonprofit organization that provides free exclusive training in the field of voice over work and offers military veterans job opportunities as voice actors and voice over artists. Warrior Voices also provides free audio recording equipment and sound booths to its graduating students.

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